Smart Balance Omega Plus Dressing, Light Mayonnaise

Now with plant sterols & omega-3's from flax oil. Approved BestLife. Health Facts: Non-hydrogenated; No trans fats; Excellent source of ALA omega-3 (Contains 500 mg ALA/svg, which is 38% of the daily value for ALA); 100mg/svg plant sterols; 1/2 The fat and calories of regular mayonnaise. One tasty dollop packs an omega-3 wallop! Omega-3 500 mg/svg; Omega-6 1200 mg/svg; omega-6/omega-3 ratio 2.4. Gluten free. First mayonnaise dressing to offer so many benefits! We start with a delicious light mayonnaise dressing to enhance your favorite recipes. Then we add 500 mg of omega-3's per serving and 100 mg of highly active, natural plant sterols. Most diets are deficient in omega-3 and we employ the ALA plant type from canola and flax oils. Equally important, this dressing helps balance the saturated fats you eat every day in the form of meats, fish and dairy as part of the Smart Balance food plan. Product of USA.