Tapena Garnacha, 2010

Vintage 2010. Garnacha (gar-NA-chah) originated in Spain centuries ago and now mostly travels the world as Grenache. The soul of Tapena Garnacha can be found in cafes that line the sun-washed plazas of Barcelona. Warmed by the afternoon sun, they're aglow with tapas, life and laughter. Perhaps it's because everyone has a glass and a fork! This wine is as flamboyant as a red polka dot dress. Garnet colored, it's lush and sultry. Bright aromas and flavors of fresh blackberries and cherries fill the glass. The finish is velvety with whispers of pepper and exotic Spanish spice. Tapena Garnacha dances best with pork tenderloins, grilled rib-eye, and roast chicken. Buen provecho! Alc. 13% by vol. Bottled by UCSA - 08770 Spain. Selected by G. Suberviola/45080/Toledo. Product of Spain.