Chobani Probiotic Fermented Lemon Ginger Plant-Based Drink 14 fl oz

LGG +; Acidophilus +; Bifidus +; Casei +. Plant based. Multi-Benefit Probiotics for: Immune ealth + digestive health + gut health. Naturally fermented. This bottle is alive! This bottle is alive! Chobani Probiotic is a fermented wellness drink teeming with life. Using natural fermentation, billions of probiotic cultures are feeding on oats and apples. In the bottle, cultures stay live and active. In your gut, they flourish, supporting immune health and digestion. Sensory Profile: Top note - Tangy citrusy; Undertone - Bold, zesty; Finish - Herbaceous, clean. Why the separation? That's life. It's the natural by-product of fermentation - and what makes this bottle a globe of beautiful pastel goodness when swirled gently. Subtly bubbly.