TWIX White Chocolate Cookie Candy 2 to Go Size, 2.64 oz. Pack

There's a TWIX for every mood. Cloaked in delicious white chocolate TWIX White delivers the perfect mix of smooth caramel and crispy cookie. Each bite will have you looking on the bright side. TWIX believes a little bit of joy makes a big difference to your day. TWIX White share size candy bars turn break time into bliss. Our tip: whip up a creamy coffee for two and take it with a TWIX White! Amp up your midday recharge with every bite of gooey caramel and crunchy cookie cloaked in delicious, flowing white chocolate. Four sticks in each share size individually wrapped pack makes TWIX white chocolate caramel candy bars perfect for sharing –– we won't snitch if you don't. If you're not down to share, sending a share size TWIX White to a friend is never a bad idea. TWIX share size white chocolate candy bars make great care package treats. A gift bag full of Twix White is always a hit, especially when they're share size. There are endless ways to share and enjoy a moment with TWIX White.