Pond's Vitamin Micellar Wipes Brighten Rose, 25 Wipes

Women have been using Pond's facial skincare products for more than 150 years. Now, you can gently clean and moisturize your face with Pond's Vitamin Micellar Wipes. Featuring brightening rose, these facial cleansing towelettes are easy to wipe over skin to help diminish the appearance of dark spots on skin. Featuring micellar water, these makeup remover wipes can be used in just one simple step. There's no need to rinse or wash your facial skin after using because micellar water helps remove makeup, dirt and bacteria without leaving a soapy residue on skin. Plus, these fragrant face wipes can work as eye makeup remover wipes, too. They're even able to gently massage away waterproof makeup - including eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and other cosmetics, which other facial cleaning pads can leave behind. These face wash wipes are free from alcohol, and contain no added parabens or dyes. Choose Pond's makeup remover wipes with micellar water, rose and vitamin B3 for daily use. Simply remove one facial cleanser towelette from the package, press lightly on your skin, and massage on skin gently - no harsh rubbing and no rinse required. We recommend throwing these face wipes away rather than flushing. Harness the power of micellar water in Pond's Vitamin Micellar Wipes with brightening Rose to gently remove dirt, bacteria and makeup without stressing your skin. Practically a facial in each ounce, Pond's skin care products can deliver beautiful results.